About Us


Located in the heart of Miami Beach, The Beard Legacy was created a few years ago simply to fill a need for quality, affordable natural lifestyle products to customers around the world that fit their everyday needs. Our simple concept has grown quickly due to the exceptional results customers experience from using our products. Our Hundreds of online reviews and happy satisfied customers are a testament to the continuous research and product development we do as a company to improve overall body, mind and home health and to deliver these products affordably. Our products are all derived from the best of what nature has to offer and are tested cruelty-free. We truly care about nature as well, which is why our packaging is made with BPA-free materials to help preserve and maintain an eco-friendly environment. Purchase naturally and with confidence knowing we have your complete well being in mind.

The Beard Legacy is a premium beauty product company, committed to producing the best pure and natural beauty products to keep you looking your best naturally. We're committed to bringing you the best organic and 100% pure natural products by using only ingredients from suppliers that meet our stringent quality assurance standards. Every product is upheld to countless quality tests and assessments throughout the manufacturing process to verify its purity and full potency. We do not test our products on any animals (other than ourselves)! Change the way that you take care of your beard with The Beard Legacy. Our products feature a blend of wholesome 100% natural ingredients that provide ultimate nourishment.



Offer very affordable thoughtfully crafted natural essentials for modern urban explorer that deliver exceptional results. Made with your complete well-being in mind.



We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality cruelty-free all-natural and organic products that fit our customer’s everyday needs. Our products are designed to combat the negative external and internal factors that affect the hair, face, skin, nails and overall health.



We created these products to be safe, yet very affordable so all can enjoy the health & home benefits of natural healthy living.