BEARD GROWTH KIT - Biotin #1 Beard Supplement/Vitamin. For Thicker and Fuller Facial Hair + Beard Oil Unscented Made of Argan/Jojoba Oil. Men's Hair Growth Mustache Beard Goatee. Natural Ingredients.


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Beard Growth Formula-Biotin-#1 Beard Growth Supplement + Beard Oil Combo Pack. Fastest Hair Growth & Smooth, Healthy Facial Hair & Skin-The Beard Legacy Co.

  • Enhanced Hair Growth-Biotin is the #1 supplement known by the medical community to promote fast acting beard & mustache growth
  • Thicker, Healthier Beard- 60 Capsules which create a fuller, healthier, stronger beard made smoother & healthier by the organic beard oil(included). 

  • Smoother, Cleaner Skin-The Beard Legacy Co.'s Top Rated Amazon beard oil eliminates itchiness on the face and conditions the skin, beard & mustache. 

  • Made In The USA- 100% Natural Products. Biotin made in the USA with Natural ingredients. Unscented Beard Oil Made with ARGAN OIL & JOJOBA OIL. 


  • 30 Day Guarantee-If you don’t see faster beard growth w/ thicker, softer, & smoother hair- we honor our unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. 


Let’s face it: Growing a beard is the modern day status symbol for men. The trouble is, not everyone was born with the hormones that quickly grow the thick, healthy facial hair they’d like.

If it weren’t for Biotin, men who couldn’t grow beards would be left without hope and the feeling of true manhood. The Beard Legacy Co. is delighted to present all natural Biotin capsules(5000MCG) that ensure fast acting facial hair growth- no matter what genes you were born with. A healthy diet & biotin are the only ingredients you’ll ever need to put your hair growth on turbo speed.

Combined with The Beard Legacy Co. Beard Oil, you’ll have a smooth, bountiful beard that’s destined to make you nothing less than a highly respected gentleman among your peers.

We don’t just promise this, we guarantee it. If your beard doesn’t grow thicker and faster in less than 30 days, we’ll give you a 100% refund.