5 Amazing Tips to Summerproof Your Beard


Beard isn’t a seasonal affair. Fashionistas keep beards even in summer. If you’re a fashion-conscious guy, don’t shave it off just because of the scorching sun-rays outside. Instead, take extra-care of it to turn heads on the street. Today, we’re going to share with you amazing summer beard tips to prevent the heat from messing it up. Learn the tips and start following.


  1. Moisturize Your Beard: Hanging out in the sun for hours steals away moisture from your beard. As such, the hairs become coarse. Moreover, the skin underneath it becomes dry and flaky. Proper hydration and use of quality beard oil prevent your skin from becoming itchy. Such oil can also block the formation of red spots on your skin by hydrating your facial hair.
Moisturize Your Beard
    1. Create a Crisp Line: Short beards look excellent as it slims down from cheeks to chin. If you want stubble beard to show it off in summer, draw a clear-cut borderline from the growing point of your facial hair. It will make you appear smart and stylish. Take the help of branded beard care kit to draw the demarcation flawlessly.
    Crisp Line
      1. Avoid Swimming: Do you swim regularly? Do you love to sport your beard? Sadly, you have to sacrifice one for another. Swimming can affect your beard badly. Swimming in summer increases the irritation level of the underneath skin. Huge amount of chlorine in swimming pools dries up beards, making the skin itchy and irritated. So, it’s better to quit swimming to save this precious possession.
        1. Stay Hydrated: Blazing sun-rays are bad for your beard. Protect it naturally by drinking plenty of water daily. Your beard will stay thick when your body is sufficiently hydrated. Water regulates blood circulation. Consequently, hair follicles are nourished triggering hair growth. When your body lacks the water it needs, the hairs of your beard become brittle and dry. Therefore, keep your body hydrated enough to maintain a healthy beard.
          Stay Hydrated
              1. Apply Sunscreen: It’s not possible to stay indoors throughout summer. Apply sunscreen to protect it during its exposure to the sun. However, it will be better if you can use a scarf to cover the beard. By doing so, you can prevent the heat from damaging your skin beneath it. Many beard care products are available nowadays. Choose wisely to safeguard your skin and beard.
              Apply Sunscreen

                The Bottom Line

                Don’t let your beard become a victim of the sweltering heat. Follow the above-said tips and give enough time to maintain its look. Enjoy having a beard with The Beard Legacy to get a unique personality.

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